About Gaboon Protection

Gaboon Protection was established in 2010. The founders have extensive operational experience within the industry and determined to provide the security industry with a specialised, professional close protection service operating at the highest level. Our team is made up primarily of Ronin SA graduates, ensuring that all operatives are highly skilled and competent within the close protection field.

We believe that our skills, training and expertise provide unique category for us within the close protection industry. Many security companies, including some of the global industry giants, sub-contract the services of Gaboon Protection due to our exceptional ability to quickly provide a substantial team of highly skilled manpower where and when needed.

Gaboon Protection has gained a reputation for being a leading close protection service provider. We believe that the success that we have experienced has come through our philosophy of maintaining a strong sense of loyalty within our close-knit team, which extends to our client relationship.

The well being of each individual within our team is of paramount importance as we recognise that a healthy state of mind is vital for us to constantly deliver the high level of service for which we are known.

Regardless of our credentials, background and pedigree, our service is only ever as good as the conduct of the individual on the ground. It is for this reason that we invest significant time and effort into the training, development and support of our team members.

Gaboon Protection took its name from the Gaboon Viper, a snake found in Central Africa. This snake embodies many of the traits needed by a Close Protection specialist; well camouflaged, unnoticed, and best left unprovoked.

The silver and gold colours represent precious metals, in recognition of the value we place on our clients, our team members and the quality of our service. The chevron is derived from the camouflage pattern on the Gaboon Viper. Its simple geometric shape also proved popular in heraldic symbology as used on coats of arms during the middle ages and is also a nod to the industry pedigree.

The silhouette of the Gaboon Viper is representative of the unobtrusive yet reassuring presence of a Close Protection Officer.

Psira Reg number: 2205685 company personnel
FAR number: 335500-0026-1 ( business owned firearms)

Gaboon Protection acts at all times within the framework of both national and international laws. Based in South Africa, we have an extensive network throughout Africa as well as the capacity to provide the same service worldwide.