Gaboon Protection

Gaboon Protection is a specialist Close Protection company with an impeccable and extensive track record. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we are perfectly positioned to deploy our professional resources both into Africa and further afield. We provide a complete range of close protection and related services to our clients with discretion, loyalty and confidentiality. All our services are interlinked, as most of our personnel have extensive training and experience in multiple disciplines and arenas.

Gaboon Close Protection

Gaboon Close Protection

Gaboon Close Protection has an impressive ability to provide a substantial, highly trained team of skilled manpower where and when needed. Our services include Personal Protection, Protective Driving, Asset Protection, Event Risk Management & Travel Risk Management.

Gaboon Medical


Our Gaboon medical personnel are not bodyguards with first aid training, they are hybrid Close Protection Officers, medical professionals, with highly sought after skills.

They can be utilised in a purely medical capacity or have a duel role due to their strategic capability and are familiar with working in remote areas (clinics in central DRC), in hostile environments (Iraq/Afghanistan/South Sudan etc.), or in the corporate environment.

Gaboon Tactical


Gaboon’s tactical unit is comprised of Close Protection Officers who have backgrounds in specialised police and military units or who have complimentary skills such as pilots. Their ability to work under pressure in extreme circumstances makes them ideal for our bespoke service.

Gaboon Operations


The Gaboon Protection Operations Centre is a central control hub whereby dispersed services can be monitored and controlled. Here we can facilitate client requirements by managing travel risks and crisis management internationally, 24 hours a day. It is further responsible for the overall operational coordination of Gaboon Protection services related to national and international travel, risk management, crisis response and major security related events with implementation of appropriate emergency crisis response measures.

Gaboon Intelligence


Our Intelligence and Corporate Investigations Division is a mission critical and core organisational function that is both client orientated (as a product delivery capability), but also supports internal Gaboon Protection processes and functions. Our Gaboon Intelligence team are highly skilled with members having decades of experience in all aspects related to managing intelligence and investigations operations across all spheres depicted in the Intelligence and Investigations Cycle

Gaboon Protection


A safe, secure and totally bespoke African destination management service. This service is specifically positioned for the individual traveller who would rather travel discretely, or in smaller groups. Travel with a multi-skilled professional, or have us prepare an appropriate, risk-assessed itinerary. We make travel dreams come true – safely.

Do you need specialist close protection for an individual, company or organisation?

Our Credentials

Gaboon Protection has gained a reputation for being a leading close protection service provider. We believe the success we have experienced has come through our philosophy of maintaining a strong sense of loyalty within our close-knit team, which extends to our client relationships.

The well being of each individual within our team is of paramount importance as we recognise that a healthy state of mind is vital for us to constantly deliver the high level of service for which we are known.

Gaboon Protection was established in 2010. The founders have extensive operational experience within the industry, and determined to provide the security industry with a specialised, professional close protection service operating at the highest level. Our team is made up primarily of Ronin SA graduates, ensuring that all operatives are highly skilled and competent within the close protection field.

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