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Gaboon Intelligence

Our Intelligence and Corporate Investigations Division is a mission critical and core organisational function that is both client orientated (as a product delivery capability), but also supports internal Gaboon Protection processes and functions. Our Gaboon Intelligence team are highly skilled with members having decades of experience in all aspects related to managing intelligence and investigations operations across all spheres depicted in the Intelligence and Investigations Cycle. Our organisational capability is highly dynamic and supports agility, and precision of action to deliver on clients’ needs. Accuracy in Gaboon Intelligence translates into accurate, context sensitive interpretation of agreements, standards, policies and regulations.

Our key services include:

  • Broad spectrum investigations
  • Data analytics and business insights
  • Polygraph testing
  • De-bugging
  • Information collection and report writing
  • Risk assessments
  • Support business decision making accuracy and agility – assistance with due diligence enquiries.

The Gaboon Intelligence Cycle

Facilitates well-informed business and security decisions about risks to your brand, reputation, people, infrastructure, and partners.

Gaboon Intelligence Cycle

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