About Gaboon Protection

Gaboon Protection was established in 2010. The founders have extensive operational experience within the Close Protection industry and have committed to provide this profession with a specialised, service operating at the highest level.

We believe that our skills, training and expertise provide a unique category for us within the close protection industry. Many security companies, including some of the global industry giants, sub-contract the services of Gaboon Protection due to our exceptional ability to quickly provide a substantial team of highly skilled manpower where and when needed.

Gaboon Protection has gained a reputation for being a leading close protection service provider. We believe that the success that we have experienced has come through our philosophy of maintaining a strong sense of loyalty within our close-knit team, which extends to our client relationship.

The well being of each individual within our team is of paramount importance as we recognise that a healthy state of mind is vital for us to constantly deliver the high level of service for which we are known.

Regardless of our credentials, background and pedigree, our service is only ever as good as the conduct of the individual on the ground. It is for this reason that we invest significant time and effort into the training, development and support of our team members.

Our corporate identity offers layers of meaning, some more obvious than others and in so doing has ensured that the icon is interesting, engaging with a core meaning for the company, its staff and our challenges.

Layer 1: The viper
Obviously, our name and the subtle Gaboon Viper element centred in our logo are synonymous with each other. Fundamentally African and unique, the Gaboon Viper is silent and goes unnoticed by blending in to its natural environment, however, it is lethal when circumstances dictate. This core element forms the central and significant ‘negative space’ of the logo (there, but not there), and adds a more fluid detail to soften the edges of the internal construct.

Layer 2: The gold core
Elementally pure and uncontaminated, hard to come by and in great demand, our standard is and will always be gold. Put simply, we set the bar by rendering a prime service to clientele of the same calibre. This gold element is both represented and held securely in the heart of the overall form.

Layer 3: Platinum chevron
The silver chevron design of the third element also represents a rare metal and is a strong sharp-edged form which gives a nod to our history, training and the environment we often work within. Its structure is derived both from Heraldic symbology and from the pattern on the back of the Gaboon Viper.

There is no visual contest between the layers as they have been designed to compliment and visually demonstrate the confidence we have in our ability. The conviction, flexibility and visual appeal of our identity provides us with a visual platform to maintain our integrity, and expand our footprint into exciting areas of operation. We are a proudly South African company working, predominantly, in Africa.

PSIRA Reg number: 2205685 company personnel
FAR number: 19724 ( business owned firearms)

Gaboon Protection acts at all times within the framework of both national and international laws. Based in South Africa, we have an extensive network throughout Africa as well as the capacity to provide the same service worldwide.